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Aug. 15th, 2017 09:12 pm
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Why is it that I seem to f*ck everything that I do at work?
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I swear, people are insufferable.

I wonder where do they keep their gigantic ego.

When I can feel gastritis acting up in response to these buggers, it just shows that it's just too much already.

I know I should not be affected, but my body just refuses to listen to my rational thinking, goddamnit!
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Rekindling my love for past hobbies, reliving the nostalgia.

...It does help to lighten up my stress to some extent, but there's still the risk of falling in too deep.
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What, just WHAT.

Why am I on youtube, reminiscing the good old music from yore and exploring some fresh songvids...

...when I should be studying the eff out.


If this ain't an SOS then I don't know what is.


Jul. 6th, 2017 09:25 am
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In some aspects of my life...it's like it's jinxed so bad.


God Help me.
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1. Glad my updating my OS went breezily. So far.

Now the idea of a MacBook Air sounds more and more like a mere temptation.

...Although, to be honest, I much preferred how Snow Leopard looks...

2. Also, hello new workplace next month!

Will that signify the birth of a new and hopefully improved me?

...Heaven Knows.

Never 100%

May. 13th, 2017 01:19 am
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1. Self proclaimed Apple fangirl here. And I have to say that Apple sucks at times. Not most of the time, but a close 50% of the time.

The bluetooth is wholly unreliable. MIght as well get that feature out but no...they abolished the earphone jack instead for their iPhone 7.

Synching using itunes - and ONLY itunes - is, for the lack of better word, restrictive. And it's not just the music transfer, mind you - but everything including your PDF files?

And now I can't even sync my phones.

At all.


2. Dangerously drowning in Bravely Second.

I love turn-based combat. So what if it's incredibly outdated and unrealistic? At least you control ALL of your characters.

3. Dangerously tempted to resurrect my Steam account ever since they have Trails of the Sky III.

4. As for real life...I'm finally a postgraduate student.

Yay me(?).

This means less gaming, less playing around...

...and more getting stressed out.

Hope I'm just exaggerating but hey...people seldom change.


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