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So I actually went ahead and purchased the New Nintendo 3DS XL Fire Emblem Special Edition because I found one for a good price. It took several days of contemplation, but it's done.

Never mind that now I'm toiling with the search for the possibly near extinct Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS.

Sold out everywhere. Goodness gracious.

What does the purchase of another gaming media mean? Probably that my dream of getting Persona 5, FFXV and maybe Tales of Berseria will take a backseat for an indeterminate time.

I'll definitely get Trails of Cold Steel III once it comes out. FFXII - out this July - highly likely.

If I'm ever joining the PC Master Race in the future - at the rate I'm going right now, who can tell? - then it automatically means getting the localised Trails in the Sky's third part.

My poor, poor wallet.
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1. So I tried the World of Final Fantasy Dungeon Demo.

It was...painfully average. I dig the turn based aspect, but the stacking and unstacking of your playable characters? The pokemon gotta-catch-'em-all mirages...

Here's to hoping that the preorder bonus will be worth the wait.

2. I swear, my hospital is mostly run by idiots. And there is some contribution in the form of "primary team specialists" in that band of idiots.

Professionalism is dying, and so's mine. Because unfortunately, there's no way I can maintain my composure being surrounded by these buggers.

I'm sorry I can't be the better one in all this shyte.

3. I have another addition to my long list of unhealthy obsessions.

The housecat.

...I'm turning into your typical single old lady stereotype. Goddamnit.
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1. Remember what I once said about pre-ordering FFXV?

I actually preordered World of Final Fantasy instead. The reason being the Day One edition extras are so damned tempting (Chibi!Sephiroth and Japanese voiceovers), and I'm really aching for some old fashioned turn-based RPG.

Besides, it's cheaper than the price of FFXV. Which I'll probably get later down the line.

...How later? At the rate I'm splurging, I'm not giving any specific details.

2. I actually completed FFXIII. Now all that's left are the postgame missions...and if I'm really serious (...), I'll move on upgrading items and such.

3. I should get back and finish Tales of Xillia too someday. Tales of Xillia II is collecting dust. Not as bad as Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, but still...

4. Life is a cycle. Which probably explains why there's so many remakes and rehashes and reboots.

I yearn for something new.

...Which probably explains why I'm not _that_ ecstatic about a FFVII remake, because real life demands utmost priority.

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Oct. 3rd, 2016 09:44 pm
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1. Am seriously considering of pre-ordering FFXV, even though there is a fat chance that I'd be able to finish FFXIII before the game actually comes out. I haven't even started on Sen no Kiseki II either!

Also, trying very hard resisting Chibi!Sephiroth. Let's see for how long...

2. Am terribly apprehensive about a Bleach Live Action.

Let's see if it can join in the ranks of awesome live actions such as Rurouni Kenshin or Nodame Cantabile...or sink in the cesspool of embarrassment that is made up of Shingeki no Kyoujin and a bunch of others...

...Speaking of which, I have yet to watch the Kuroshitsuji live action. To be honest though, I'm no big fan of Kuroshitsuji. Even so, I'm not happy with the most blatant change that the live action has adopted.

That, and the main actor. Pfft.

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Sep. 27th, 2016 06:51 pm
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Except, not exactly.

Despite having purchase Trails of Cold Steel II, for some obscure reason, I find myself returning to Final Fantasy XIII and actually trying to move the story forward. Yes, even if it means carrying out those godforsaken sidequests (Damn you, Neochu!!!111) because my completionist nature insists on doing so.

And then, suddenly, this showed up:

How could SE reduce a menacing character into an adorable chibi with large anime eyes and superdeformed anatomy...and make it a preorder bonus!? This is Sephiroth, for crying out loud!

Also, this:

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1. Good Lord, I can't wait any longer. The suspense is killing me!

I can be such a moron sometimes. Pfft.

Note to self: Read the damned fine prints. Especially when it comes to important documents.

2. As much as I adore Final Fantasy...I can't seem to immerse myself too much in their mobile releases.

Brave Exvius was fun up to a certain point. Then the difficulty spike proved to be too much, and now it's more or less dropped.

Final Fantasy Dimensions was okay, until the micro(?)transactions come in. Then there was no way of proceeding. The same goes with Theatrhythm.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper...I'm not exactly sure what happened with that one.

And now they're announcing Dissidia Opera Omnia, while Mobius Final Fantasy is already out.

...Let's not talk about All the Bravest, because that was crap.
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Good Lord.

I need Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II like BURNING. Like, RIGHT NOW. So much so that I'm looking forward to it much, much more than Persona 5. Or FFXV.

Second in line in my NEED list is actually Tales of Berseria because it looks great and Eizen is droolworthy I can't even.

Not saying that I'm not interested in FFXV or Persona 5. It's just that they're not really high in the NEED list. In fact, I'm not really in too much haste to get FFXV (The only reason for urgency is that my PS4 is SERIOUSLY lacking in games and unfortunately FF Type-0 doesn't entice me as much as I had hoped since I'm more of a turn-based JRPG gamer (except when in comes to Tales of games) so I might get them once they're on sale or something.

Thank God Persona 5 and Tales of Berseria are only out next year.

On another note, I'm shedding my completionist tendencies. Decided that my time is worth more than that. Which is how I managed to finish Cold Steel I back then.

Maybe I should get down to FFX and Tales of Xillia now. And the long-abandoned FFXIII-2.

Plus, I've gone too far into Tales of Vesperia that I've pretty much blown probably >50% of its sidequests into oblivion. A pity.

As for Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, reviews on it are pretty much average. In other words, considering all the hype surrounding it before it was released, it bombed. Another pity - mainly because I liked the title. And blue-haired swordsmen.

At least I can push it way behind in my NEED list. Especially since I'm barely even a quarter into Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope.

Need. More. Time.


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