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May. 13th, 2017 01:19 am
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1. Self proclaimed Apple fangirl here. And I have to say that Apple sucks at times. Not most of the time, but a close 50% of the time.

The bluetooth is wholly unreliable. MIght as well get that feature out but no...they abolished the earphone jack instead for their iPhone 7.

Synching using itunes - and ONLY itunes - is, for the lack of better word, restrictive. And it's not just the music transfer, mind you - but everything including your PDF files?

And now I can't even sync my phones.

At all.


2. Dangerously drowning in Bravely Second.

I love turn-based combat. So what if it's incredibly outdated and unrealistic? At least you control ALL of your characters.

3. Dangerously tempted to resurrect my Steam account ever since they have Trails of the Sky III.

4. As for real life...I'm finally a postgraduate student.

Yay me(?).

This means less gaming, less playing around...

...and more getting stressed out.

Hope I'm just exaggerating but hey...people seldom change.
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Good Lord.

I need Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II like BURNING. Like, RIGHT NOW. So much so that I'm looking forward to it much, much more than Persona 5. Or FFXV.

Second in line in my NEED list is actually Tales of Berseria because it looks great and Eizen is droolworthy I can't even.

Not saying that I'm not interested in FFXV or Persona 5. It's just that they're not really high in the NEED list. In fact, I'm not really in too much haste to get FFXV (The only reason for urgency is that my PS4 is SERIOUSLY lacking in games and unfortunately FF Type-0 doesn't entice me as much as I had hoped since I'm more of a turn-based JRPG gamer (except when in comes to Tales of games) so I might get them once they're on sale or something.

Thank God Persona 5 and Tales of Berseria are only out next year.

On another note, I'm shedding my completionist tendencies. Decided that my time is worth more than that. Which is how I managed to finish Cold Steel I back then.

Maybe I should get down to FFX and Tales of Xillia now. And the long-abandoned FFXIII-2.

Plus, I've gone too far into Tales of Vesperia that I've pretty much blown probably >50% of its sidequests into oblivion. A pity.

As for Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, reviews on it are pretty much average. In other words, considering all the hype surrounding it before it was released, it bombed. Another pity - mainly because I liked the title. And blue-haired swordsmen.

At least I can push it way behind in my NEED list. Especially since I'm barely even a quarter into Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope.

Need. More. Time.


Mar. 31st, 2016 05:24 pm
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The temptation is strong in this one.

FFXV is scheduled to be released on Sept 30th. Star Ocean 5, this summer. I Am Setsuna, some time this year. Persona year?

And now word has it that FFXV is getting a five-episodes anime. Prequels.

My backlog needs to stop being backlogs.

But I need to study, damnit!
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It's final - Star Ocean IV is starting to be a chore. Sure the gameplay was okay at first, but then it became clear how "button-mashing" it can be that I got irked. At least with SO3 and its predecessors they made the distinction between long ranged and short ranged attacks. SO4's blindside is great, but it got pretty old quick

Am I losing faith in Star Ocean? No idea. Never mind that I'm still halfway with my SO1 and barely into SO2...

But I still got disappointed when I found out that SO5 might not be released on the PS3 to the West. Yes, despite my dismissal that the main female characters were...terribly designed (loli-much?), so to speak.

On a side note,

Final Fantasy VII Remake, huzzah!

Tales of Zestiria

Kingdom Hearts III!

...oh, and FFXV too, I suppose.

...Good God, does this mean that I'm actually considering a PS4 now?

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...I'm not getting into it. Sure, I'm barely scratching the surface, am only 30 minutes into the game, and it just irked me.

The graphics are terrible. One might accuse me of being too accustomed to the eye candies that are the Tales series, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy but...there was a time I was able to stomach the graphics of Star Ocean III (on the PS2). Never mind that in the latter the characters all looked like china dolls but in SO4...they still looked like dolls. More lifelike, but dolls all the same.

Which makes it pretty scary, come to think of it.

And the only thing more atrocious than the graphics is the characters. Why do the girls have to have squeaky voices? And do they have to move a lot just to show how 'cute' they are?


And the voice acting? Thank God I could switch over to Japanese voice overs.

...Reimi is still a pain. At this point, Sophia Esteed (of SO3) is more tolerable.

SO5? Please don't disappoint me. I still have yet to finish SO1 and SO2 though...


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