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I've actually said it out loud

"I have no friends."

To which the response was, "There are seven billion people in the world--"

"And I'm still single."

Badum tsss.

It stings. So bad.

The world sucks, end of story. My life sucks too, but not as bad as the world itself.

...I think.
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1. So I tried the World of Final Fantasy Dungeon Demo.

It was...painfully average. I dig the turn based aspect, but the stacking and unstacking of your playable characters? The pokemon gotta-catch-'em-all mirages...

Here's to hoping that the preorder bonus will be worth the wait.

2. I swear, my hospital is mostly run by idiots. And there is some contribution in the form of "primary team specialists" in that band of idiots.

Professionalism is dying, and so's mine. Because unfortunately, there's no way I can maintain my composure being surrounded by these buggers.

I'm sorry I can't be the better one in all this shyte.

3. I have another addition to my long list of unhealthy obsessions.

The housecat.

...I'm turning into your typical single old lady stereotype. Goddamnit.
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1. They say good things come to those who wait,

They also say that patience is a virtue.

...I really need to keep myself in check.

2. My memory fails me way too often these days, it's both troublesome and terrifying.
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1. Remember what I once said about pre-ordering FFXV?

I actually preordered World of Final Fantasy instead. The reason being the Day One edition extras are so damned tempting (Chibi!Sephiroth and Japanese voiceovers), and I'm really aching for some old fashioned turn-based RPG.

Besides, it's cheaper than the price of FFXV. Which I'll probably get later down the line.

...How later? At the rate I'm splurging, I'm not giving any specific details.

2. I actually completed FFXIII. Now all that's left are the postgame missions...and if I'm really serious (...), I'll move on upgrading items and such.

3. I should get back and finish Tales of Xillia too someday. Tales of Xillia II is collecting dust. Not as bad as Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, but still...

4. Life is a cycle. Which probably explains why there's so many remakes and rehashes and reboots.

I yearn for something new.

...Which probably explains why I'm not _that_ ecstatic about a FFVII remake, because real life demands utmost priority.
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1. Wow. It is possible to hate my job more than ever.

Kudos to my superiors, although it probably isn't saying much. They are just not trying, at all.

I hope a grand retribution awaits ye.

2. I am ambivalent about the idea of a live-action Bleach. It's very difficult to achieve what Rurouni Kenshin and Death Note have. Gantz I have yet to see.

If they screw it up...God Help us all.

3. I am just so, so exhausted. I need a break already.
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How do you know when is the best time to bail out?

When you know that there is nothing worth fighting for. That things are never going to become better.

That you are essentially fighting a losing battle.

When you are in danger of losing your sanity. Yourself.

Because that is how I feel about work. No matter how much dedication(?) or sacrifice that I've exhibited, everything seems to fall apart. My superiors - most of them, anyway - are so irresponsible it's extremely foolish to take orders from them.


Jul. 25th, 2016 10:29 pm
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1. Passion, wherefore art thou?

It's difficult when doubt clouds your mind, and this haze thickens with each passing moment.

2. How do I know where my path lies?

3. Good Lord, the weather's just so unbearably hot.


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